Sydney & NSW Used Insulated Containers for Sale

Insulated, or non-operational, shipping containers are essentially decommissioned refrigerated containers, with cooling generators removed. They still have full insulation and thus are extremely useful for products that do not require active temperature control, but rather, passive resistance to extreme temperature changes. Get in touch with our friendly team to see if an insulated container is right for you! Get a quote from Shipping Containers for Sale Sydney now.

Buying Used Insulated Shipping Containers in Sydney

If you’re looking for an Insulated (Non-Operational) container in perfect condition that will offer an ideal storage, shipment or brand exposure solution then a shipping container is perfect for you. Maybe you want to modify and totally customise a container for your unique needs. Our range of brand containers have immense potential for standard or modified use. Get in touch with our friendly team or submit a quote request above to find out more!

Insulated Shipping Container Types and Sizes

Our range of insulated containers offers the perfect solution for transporting or storing goods that require steady ambient temperatures. Items such as wine, books and leather benefit greatly from consistent temperature so an insulated container may be perfect. Moreover, insulated containers offer relief from extreme temperature changes and can create very effective container homes or workplaces that remain cool on warmer days and warm on cooler days. They come in two sizes; 20ft (6m long, 2.4m wide and 2.5m tall) and 40ft (12m long, 2.4m wide and 2.5m tall), meaning there is space for whatever storage, shipment or modification desires you may have

Insulated Shipping Container Quality and Pricing

Although the containers no longer function as refrigerators, their insulation properties have been inspected and deemed high quality with prime performance standards. With 75mm polyurethane insulation throughout, the containers are able to keep temperatures approximately 5 degrees colder or warmer during hot or cold months to establish a steady ambient temperature. Rest assured, the contents will be safe and secure for the duration of the container’s life. For pricing information, contact one of our friendly team today or submit a quote request above!

Insulated Shipping Container Delivery and Supply

If you’re in Sydney or NSW, you’re in luck – we’ll ship directly to your door. In fact, we ship Australia wide so whatever your location, we’ll arrange a delivery method that’s perfect for your site. We strive for same day dispatch so you’ll never be waiting long for your new container to arrive. Just ensure you’ve got a flat surface for us to place the container on, and we’ll handle the rest. It’s that simple. Contact one of the helpful team members at Shipping Containers Sydney to learn more about buying an insulated container!

2 Insulated Shipping Container Sizes to Choose From

Whether you‘re buying or hiring, our insulated shipping containers come in two sizes: 20ft and 40ft – new or used!

20 ft Containers

Our 20ft insulated shipping containers are made with strong Corten steel and offer high quality, passive insulation properties that allow them to maintain internal temperatures despite external fluctuations. They’re perfect for documents, leather goods, wine and more.

40 ft Container

40ft insulated shipping containers are useful tor people requiring a container for larger items or bigger loads that need passive temperature control. Insulated containers allow contents to be kept within a manageable internal temperature, despite external fluctuations.

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