Shipping Container Sizes

Whether for sale or hire, our shipping container sizes, particularly for industrial use such as construction, energy, and mining, come in the 3 standard (and most popular) sizes: 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet. While all are built heavy-duty and weather-resistant, in this case, one size may not fit all. Therefore, we gave the user (you) the choice to go as minimal or super-sized as you need.

Not only do we offer you this choice of shipping container sizes, you can also choose from an assortment of practical shipping container types. Choose the one that fits your space and your ideas, it’s all up to you, so think outside the box.

3 container sizes to choose from

Whether you‘re buying or hiring, our general purpose shipping containers come in three sizes: 10 Ft, 20 Fl’, 40 Ft… New or Used!

10 ft Containers

A 10ft (or 3 m) shipping container is a great option for secure, sturdy storage when you have limited or hard to access spaces They‘re easily transportable and come in a range of colours. in three variations.



Mass Gross Weight: 10,160 kg


Length: 3.1 m (10’)

Width: 2.44 m (8’)

Height: 2.59 m (8.6’)


Length: 2.84 m (9.8’)

Width: 2.352 m (7.7’)

Height: 2.348 m (7.7’)


20 ft Containers

Our 20‘ general purpose containers are made with strong Corten steel, offer thick wood flooring and standard double doors that open 270 degrees They make it easy and convenient to keep your items sale and secure!



Mass Gross Weight: 30,480 kg


Length: 6.05 m (20’)

Width: 2.44 m (8’)

Height: 2.59 m (8.6’)


Length: 5.902 m (19.4’)

Width: 2.352 m (7.7’)

Height: 2.348 m (7.7’)

40 ft Container

40‘ general purpose shipping containers are useful tor people requiring a container for larger items such as building materials and large amounts of furniture. Handy storage at a reasonable price, that’s our 40-footer!




Mass Gross Weight: 32,500 kg


Length 12.9 m (40’)

Width 2.44 m (8’)

Height 2.59 m (8.6’)


Length: 12.036 m (39.5’)

Width: 2.352 m (7.7’)

Height: 2.348 m (7.7’)



Whether you hire or buy a shipping container size, it’s quality will be foremost on your mind. You can trust us to provide high-quality, heavy-duty containers. Built with hard-wearing Corten steel with 30mm marine ply timber flooring, our shipping containers begin with a weight of 2500 kg empty and can accommodate a capacity of more than 30,000 kg. Don’t let the fact our shipping containers are economical fool you, they’re built to withstand the environment and daily wear and tear. In fact, they’re guaranteed to give you a long life of use for your investment.


Shipping containers offer a wider variety of sizes and prices that make it a practical and economical investment whether it’s for business or personal use. Asking yourself if buying a shipping container for sale or hire is within your reach? You can get an instant quote from us right now. Just tell us your needs or idea, and we will match you with a shipping container that will fit your budget even if it’s a smaller one.


Whether you buy or hire our shipping container by size for your business or personal use, they can be delivered and set up easily according to your specific requirements such as location, space, and use. Trust us to do it safely and affordably.

Buying New

If you are chasing a container that presents immaculately on your site, will bring high exposure to your brand or site, or you just would like to lock your equipment and go away for years with peace of mind. A new shipping container is a great choice. See the containers below to provide a better understanding ol the variations we can supply

The benefits

Businesses hire containers are able to offset the costs of the hire at tax time… and there are heaps more benefits. These include

  • Container stock Australia
  • Fast delivery anywhere
  • The best pricing
  • However long you need it… It’s
  • Easy removal

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